Communication security

Security audit and risk analysis, security project development, participation by creating security policy at the customer’s site, supply and implementation of solution, proposal of operation monitoring, full guarantee and post-guarantee service, training of security team at the customer’s site and security hotline. This area also includes a penetration testing (resistance test of customer’s current security solution). Security projects are primarily solved with hardware and software technologies of CheckPoint, Cisco, TrendMicro, Sun Microsystems/Oracle, CrossBeam, WebSense, Microsoft, McAfee and Netasq.

Implementation services

Consulting services, implementation and assistance by implementing of basic services closely related to connection of the Internet (installation and configuration of Mail (Postfix, Sendmail), Proxy, DNS, WEB services – implementation and configuration of application servers). Intas s.r.o. is registrant for domains of the 2nd level for the .sk domain. We also provide service of domain-hosting ( in a highly secured environment) and related services (web server, mail server, antivirus and anti-spam services) to our customers.

Implementation services

LAN and WAN: proposal and realization of computer LAN and WAN networks including extranets (VPN communication) that are primarily designed on Cisco and Allied Telesyn products.

Sun Microsystems

Intas® has been already certified to the Sun Resort Partner level and become an equal service centre with Sun Service in Slovakia. Business and service activities and consulting services for application of Sun Microsystems products remain one of the core activities of Intas®. Main business commodities are servers based on Sun SPARC® and AMD Opteron processors, Solaris operating environment, storage and backup systems.

IT and management systems

Intas® actively participates on modification of ERP system “Profix” modules (“Profix” has been designed by Žilina-based company PROSOFT). “Profix” system is a complex tool supporting management decisions and managing of all company and organization processes independent on their size and organization structure; it supports certification according to ISO 9000 quality standards, management processes of MRP II, JIT, etc. This is a fully integrated, modular system designed directly for multi-user and user-friendly environment. Intas® has also designed its own management system module that can work with any database.

Consulting and training

Intas® provides consulting services and training courses in all above mentioned areas. Content, form and date of training courses can be arranged individually upon customer’s requests so there is obtained the maximal concentration of provided information and maximal privacy for the customer. All activities are held in our own modern training room that is equipped with full range of up-to-date hardware and software tools.



Check Point Authorized Training Center (ATC)

In November 2008, Intas become the authorized training center of CheckPoint Software Technologies. We currently offer our customers the following trainings:


     Check Point Security Master R77 - CCSM R77
     Check Point Security Administration R77 - CCSA R77
     Check Point Security Engineering R77 - CCSE R77
     Check Point Security Administration 2013 - CCSA R76
     Check Point Security Engineering 2013 - CCSE R76
     Check Point Security Administration R75 - CCSA R75
     Check Point Security Expert R75 - CCSE R75
     Check Point Endpoint Security Expert R80
     Multi-Domain Security Management with Virtual System Extensions R77
     Multi-Domain Security Management Provider-1 R71
     Multi-Domain Security with VSX R67

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